Tuesday, May 29, 2012


             “What was that you said? Did you say to turn and look down the street?
Why are there so many people here? I can’t see what all the fuss is about.
Did some one bump into you? People can be so rude.
Why are you pushing me, I don’t like crowds…”
It is the beginning of a really hot day. We are walking to work and the mob envelops us. We cannot get out of the crowd as they move us along the sidewalk I am feeling claustrophobic as the bodies press in against me. Everyone smells of soap and shampoo as the freshly showered and shaved make their way to work.
I can hear the subway screeching to a stop below, and then the doors opening. I stand expectantly in the street, knowing that that great hole will disgorge more eager people. Some people come out of the subway expectantly, knowing that today would be the day that the sun will rise exactly down the street. Some, like Fred and me, have no clue what is going on.
The crowd grows silent as the sky turns from night into day, orange, pink, yellow. There is a hint of purple and then the corona of the sun peeks over the horizon. The silence envelops us. A hush hangs in the air like a stage curtain, as the sun slowly rises above the horizon. Streaks of sunshine inch down the sides of the massive buildings, coming closer to us with each second. Looking down the street I am suddenly blinded as the sun lies fully on its belly, above the horizon. The trees above explode in sound as the birds chant in unison; the sun has risen for another day.
And today, it rose at the end of the street, and I am here to see it.