Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some times it is better to stay home.

Key West Regrets

Name withheld to protect the guilty

Tongue in cheek, not where it is supposed to be.

Fish Fry at the CLUB! The beer was the best thing on my table.
I like fried fish, because when done right, the fish is not over cooked, and the batter is not greasy. Tonight was an evening of double negatives… the fish was not over cooked, it wasn’t cooked enough; the batter was greasy. Not only was it greasy, it was sweet... Woe is me, I loves me fish; like Popeye eats spinach, I’m strong because I eats me fish, you might say that I am an a-fish-ee-on-ado.(?)

The shoe string fries were the same as they are when poured out of any bag from the freezer, some over done, some underdone, none tasting of more that grease, and salt, after I added it.

Being from Eastern Canada, I have acquired a liking for a most wonderful mélange, Poutine. Ask any Canadian, Cholesterol delight! Fries with shredded cheese, and gravy, food to die for, if it doesn’t kill you first. I asked if they had gravy, and the server (a wonderful server, by the way, but she wasn’t on my table, she was beside it…) said,”Yes” they did have gravy, so I asked for a side of gravy, hoping to recreate my favorite comfort food with wonderful, cooked just right fish.

There was enough salt in the gravy to make pickles, I guess that is what the beer was for, though, to get pickled.

My host was most wonderful, the server was incredible, the ambiance, well you know… the CLUB… I was in the smoke free area.

Will I go back? Sure, when I am driving past, and want a beer or two, and something to stave off the hunger? Will I search out the Weekly fish fry? Maybe a different night, eh?

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